QEP 83230 - 30" Pro Bridge Tile Saw w/Folding Stand

QEP 83230 - 30" Pro Bridge Tile Saw w/Folding Stand

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83230 30" Pro Bridge Tile Saw

  • 30" professional bridge saw is a full-featured saw that allows the user to cut large format tiles with minimal effort, less mess, and more versatility.
  • The touch 2 HP motor is mounted on 6 ball bearing slides for smooth and accurate cutting.
  • The saw offers plunge cutting capabilities for jobs that include special interior cuts in the tiles, such as the installation of electrical outlets, as well as a pivoting rail for easy miter cuts, a rip/angle cutting guide for doing faster multiple cuts, and a laser cutting guide for assisting in the accuracy of the cut.
  • This mobile saw is easy to transport from the truck to the work site and within the work site, thanks to its 2 sets of wheels and extendible handle.
  • This 30" saw features an extra large side extension table to support large tile and slabs or to keep extra tiles close at hand while cutting.
  • The saw is the first if its kind to offer a hose coupling designed right into the water tray housing, allowing for easier drainage and fill-ups using a standard garden hose.
  • The saw comes complete with the new QEP 8" Black Widow blade, a high quality blade that is especially designed for very fast, chip and wobble-free cutting of hard tiles such as porcelain, marble, and granite.